Why you gained weight last night

GAINED lot’s of weight already even though been on track with your goals and calories?
There are plenty of reasons for this…

Especially after a weekend where you may have let yourself go a bit…

For example every gram of glycogen you store in your body, your body holds onto 2-3g of Water.

There there are other factors likes having too much sodium, your hormones or your muscles are sore and fatigued and others that I have added to this video.


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♬ THE ONE – Sikora

With all these randoms reasons, why weight can fluctuate so much on a daily basis my advice for me to you, would be…

Don’t panic.

It may even be a good idea to not even do any measurements now.

Simply just trust the process and make sure you are consistent.

That will work out every time. Even if you are 80% of the time to give yourself 20% a bit of leeway to let go a bit.

You deserve that.

How about you?

Do you bloat a lot?

Let me know below then check out my 7-day detox plan ladies which you can get for FREE by clicking the link below

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