Why I want Corona

I am talking about the Lager not the virus even I will talk about that in a second…

Apparently sales have dropped massively since what has been going on

So if you are “brave enough” 😉 …

I expect you will able to get it on the cheap

I’ll probably grab a few

(Yep you can still drink if do the 80/20 rule I use)

Especially as The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up To Cancer returns soon

This is a roster of famous faces hoping to show off their baking prowess or “lack of”…

in a bid to be awarded the coveted Star Baker apron

But the thing I love about it is the great thing about apart from the fact it’s for a good cause is that it is hilarious utterly unpredictable and impossible to fake LOL

I respect those so much who do their part for Cancer

Even more so since I lost my father to it in 2018

But what inspires me the most is those who do simply INCREDIBLE selfless things despite if they have got in or are really suffering and hurting inside

They get on with it because they simply have and want to savour every moment or second, make an impact on the world or on other people

Which makes me laugh me sometimes as we all often like to moan and feel “sorry for ourselves” but normally we can change the way we feel about things simply if we just take some action

Just like one of my fave quotes:

“”If nothing changes NOTHING changes”

Some people in life can’t solve their problems and nothing really does not change

It’s heart breaking

So where I am going with the Corona virus?

Well I suppose you can buy as much bog roll as you want

(Even though your keyboard and mobile are probably the most dirtiest things you own so I think you should be paying attention on those)

You can buy a mask even though they do not really do anything but there is not going to be much we can do about it?

So with that…why worry about things we can’t control and freak out then cause panic and anxiety to others including yourself?

Why not take action with things you can?

Heart disease, cancers, strokes, high blood pressure and diabetes etc

All related to bad health and shitty diets

And as you know you can do this by simply eating healthier, reduce that stress and get some exercise?

But I get it. As humans we like to make excuses 24/7

We like to leave things it’s too late…

Then we play that

“Why me, what did I do to deserve this?” card

Sometimes its not what you do in life it’s what you don’t do

Diet starts next Monday, right?


Matt’ Corona Time” Jupp


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