Why falling in love is like weight loss

Crazy to think it’s been a year already since I did a best man speech in a room of around 130 people.

A year where I pretty bad social anxiety at one point but I attacked my obstacles and got through to the other end buzzing and stronger.

Just like love, mental health, fat loss, your health and fitness are all about transitions…

If you go to the gym or workout when you come back then look in the mirror you will see often nothing…

Then you do the same thing again the same week and guess what happens? Again nothing…

You then clearly see no results, it cant be measured then you think this process is not effective then quit more often than not, right?

However… if you just allow yourself to trust the process, give things a bit of time with some commitment and effort with your regime, just like a relationship it will grow stronger and start to blossom ❤️

It’s not about what you do, it’s all about consistency.

Your partner didn’t just fall in love with you.

What you do every day for them (good or bad) made them fall in love with you. And the day after and after.

Working out for an hour or eating that one salad won’t make you get the body and healthy new lifestyle you want.

Working out and eating healthy regularly will get you the body and healthy new lifestyle you want.

It’s not about the intensity or that one time bunch of expensive roses It’s just all about the consistency.

There will be mistakes also.

You may screw up in an argument or have a bad day when you have some cake…

But mistakes or hiccups are part of the wonderful process…

And just like a muscle the more you work on it daily the more strong it will become when it is challenged with resistance.

Success, happiness, love or even progress are the result and combination of a lot of little things that are combined or required daily just like a flower that needs, sunlight and water daily to create one powerful force or simply grow to blossom into something remarkable or beautiful.

That force that is either you, who you are, your relationship or your process with your health, fat loss and fitness.

So remember that and don’t forget to love and look after yourself

Speaking of which…

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