Ways to exercise when Gym is closed

Who’s feeling upset that the gyms have closed again?

I totally feel your pain or worry.

I am actually rather surprised if I’m personally honest.

Training in the gym myself since the last lockdown with the strict rules and safety procedures that have been put in place regarding socially distancing and hygiene…I have felt a lot safer and comfortable.

Also exercise is such an important habit for good mental health and well-being.

Not to mention all the other benefits like having a stronger immune system and so on.

It’s always helped get through the toughest of times not to mention bounce back stronger.

All is not lost though.

Nothing lasts forever (like a bad hangover) and while it may not feel quite the same what you are used to, there are still plenty of ways to get active and maintain or still get the results you after during this period.

To stop for a month would like having a scratch on your mobile but then deciding to smash it all into pieces.

Respect and take good care of your health and body.

Check out some of my suggestions on how you still stay in the game

And just so you know next week ladies…

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