Why you should avoid these

Fitness magazines….












My last video on this got BANNED ⚠️….
but which headline do you think will make you more tempted to buy it?


“Melt fat right away by eating this one fruit”

“Flat belly right now! Get results in just 4 moves”

Or…. (me being honest here)

“Burning and eating less calories than you take in really is the secret for fat loss”

“You have to really want to succeed and make yourself accountable to achieve”

Of course we would pick the first two

Then what they will do is give you some workouts which are designed not to work for you at all and never train properly leaving you baffled and stuck what to do next (no progression)

And the celeb workouts???

Do you REALLY believe they do some of those silly exercises? ???? ????

Ask yourself, if a magazine actually helped you would you need to buy the magazine again?

Let’s not forget the most important thing of all…

What do magazines have in them? And plenty of?

Of course I’m talking about supplements , kit and protein

If you take a closer look at each article in the magazine somewhere in it there will a cheeky plug or mention of their product

And many of these magazines are sponsored by supplement companies how they make their money

Unrealistic claims, unrealistic expectations, unrealistic goals…

That’s the problem

To make it worse though this is just like when we look at these women or men on Instagram also

We look the muscles, these lean, toned, sexy, sculpted bodies and we have no idea what they’re doing

So we then believe and buy the supplements they endorse thinking that it will help us and so on

Not to mention putting a lot of pressure on ourselves comparing for no reason

I mean recipes in these magazines can be pretty handy

And if you like to read silly random facts (if you think they are even true) then great

Just please do not fall for the BS


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