The 7 Sins Of Weight Loss

Which ones are you guilty of at the moment?

Lust – SIN

There is nothing wrong with having body confidence and being proud of what you have achieved while showing it off to the World, but do not let that change you (mentally).
By becoming obsessed with likes or just your looks you may get narcissistic traits which could even lead to insecurity or mental health issues in the future.
Always seeking a craving that dopamine hit and overthinking and being bitterly disappointed when you don’t get your expectations 😩

Turn into a WIN

Share your journey with others by giving some value, or tips and struggles to help others also while inspiring at the same time 🤜🤛

Gluttony – SIN

Watch about the Candyman is about….but that does not mean you have to go ALL OUT now does it?

Turn it into a WIN by eating in moderation 😊

Just because you bought a whole tub of ice-cream doesn’t mean you have to have to the whole lot 😉

Greed – SIN

We all like to be challenged sometimes but lifting more than your body is really incapable or training every day without any recovery is a sure fine way to get injuries or burnout 😴

Turn into a WIN by lifting with a weight you can manage with good form to challenge those muscles and your body decent and make sure rest days are part of your program (contact me if need more help with that) 💪🏻

Sloth – SIN

Getting toward the end of the year now so you may think it’s time to get lazy and there is simply no point to look after yourself💁‍♀️

Turn it into a WIN by not letting this crazy year beat you!

Finish on a strong note and set some decent foundations and new structure to help guide you for 2021 📋

Pride – SIN

Thinking you know everything and not listening to advice 🤥

Turn it into a win by investing a coach or something or who can really help you out.

Envy – SIN

Comparison is the thief of joy.

What you see online is not all that it seems the best of times…

Comparing yourself to someone else’s highlight is a sure way not to make you feel good about yourself.

Turn it into a WIN by limiting your social media and just focus on you and your goals only.

Wrath– SIN

Sabotaging your weight loss for the rest of the day just because you had a bad moment or morning, is a lot like having a crack in your mobile, then deciding to continuously smash it until it breaks into pieces📱

Had a bad moment? Finish the day on a positive and turn it into a WIN.

Setbacks and obstacles do happen in every day but we are in control how we react and respond to them.

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Which sin are you most guilty of the most?

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