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” From having my third child in 5 years and I having very low self esteem and completely lacking in confidence I joined Synergy Phitness. From being a size 14 in just 8 months I lost a grand total of 42 lbs and 39 inches and am now a size 8! I feel fit, sexy and energized for the first time in years! There is now nothing I feel I can not do. My life has completely changed for the better. ”

– Kim Wilson



” I was in poor shape, morbidly obese, unfit with an ex stream lack of confidence!! In 7 months I have lost over 4 stone, 22 inches of body mass and gained back my life! I’m happier, healthier and have a load of energy! I wouldn’t be where I am today without Synergy Phitness!! ”

– Lawrence Elliot



” Since training with Matt I have lost 5 stone in weight, the same number of dress sizes. I have better tone across my whole body and my fitness improves each month I continue. Matt is supportive, professional and honest. You get out what you put in! The sessions are different which keeps things interesting and exercise your whole body. Other members who train with me are friendly, non-judgemental and motivated to succeed- it helps having like minded people to encourage me when I’m having a moment of self-doubt ‘

– Becky Keating










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