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It’s None Of Your Business..

I’m going to be brutally honest here..

but it is simply none of your business what you think of me.

And ya know what?

It’s none of my business what I think of you either.

My business in my life is to be the best possible

version of myself that I can possibly be.

And to go through life being happy and successful in

whatever path that I decide to choose.

Just making the right choices.

This is so that I can provide for myself

and also in the event that I have to support a family.

Sounds good to me.

But that’s all what matters.

And they are the only people in life that simply matter.

What anyone thinks is simply none of their business.

So I am telling you right now…



As long as you a happy and you are continuing what you want to do

that’s all what matters at the end of the day.

You need to however get over the fact that

not everyone is going like in you in life.

It’s a hard one but the sooner you stop giving a shit

about what other people think of you the more happy you will be.

Remember it’s only THEIR opinion.

And it’s their issue and their problem NOT YOURS.

You don’t need to ask permission from anyone to what you want.

And you have NOTHING to prove to anyone.

You really don’t.

ESPECIALLY not from people who think everyone cares

about their opinion and should agree with them.

That’s another thing actually.

Haters or clearly jealous people who talk shit about you..

..ALWAYS on social media right?

Facebook, Twitter etc.

That’s because Facebook gives people the bollocks

to say things they’d NEVER say to your face.

But who gives a shit right?

Their opinion is irrelevant.

And they are simply just a waste of someone’s Sperm.


Ignore them.

This will drive them INSANE.

Because it shows you don’t give a shit.

It’s quite sad yet “sweet” in a way that you affect their life so much

that they need to bang on about it on the internet.

While you continue being happy and AWESOME.

You also have to remember that people “think” about you

WAY less than you actually think they do.

I can 100% assure you that they AREN’T spending

that much time about what you’re doing.

Like I said just continue to do what need to do in life.

And do not let anyone define or dictate you.

The most important thing is though DON’T EVER stop being yourself.

At the end of the day it’s no one’s business..

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advocare distributor - February 26, 2014 Reply

Hate is a curved blade and harms them not you. As long as you ignore and go about achieving your success they will only hurt themselves more or pull their head out of their ass. Either way you win.

Clifford Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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