The 28 Day Body Confidence Reboot Project

To help start you off on your new health and fitness journey the 28 Day Body Confidence Reboot Project is a practical highly effective results driven 28 day coaching and accountability program to help busy Women start transforming their bodies to feel re-energised, de-stressed while building unshakable confidence. 

Here is what is included:


Weekly video educational coaching and live mentor support.

Every week I will personally make myself available to you directly for support including Facebook lives.

In these coaching sessions I will cover a different area of focus. This could be eating healthy,  exercise, bouncing back from setbacks, reducing your stress levels to staying in control of your food trigger emotions every week there is a new lesson.

Plus you can ask any questions to help assist you with your coaching and mentoring in my power hour Q&A's. These will be recorded and available on demand so never miss out if you cannot make it. 


You will get access to my stimulating HIIT do anywhere express 20 minute workout videos part of my exclusive workout club.

You will get 5 new workouts every week and these are specially crafted to melt fat and tone your body from head to toe and can fit into your lifestyle no matter how busy you are.

They can taken on with either bodyweight, light dumbbells or a Kettlebell targeting different muscle focus areas to create muscle tone while making your fitter and stronger.

These can be completed in any environment including the gym and at any time. No live feeds.

You will feeling amazing after plus being part of this exclusive club you will also have access to all workouts past and present (over 100 available already) so you can catch up with any you miss.


Have access to my Emotional Eating Blueprint so you learn then take your power back regarding your food cravings. As you know these can create setbacks time and time again. 


Discover the same simple "life hacks" that I personally use that have changed my life and will help you reduce inches from your body without trying...

Taking action with these will improve your fitness, wellbeing, mental health and a better outlook on life. Guaranteed!


Before I give you access to my ENTIRE collection of the most simple, effective, healthy weight loss recipes from the last 10 years, updated weekly . To help start you off I will give you access to my Body Confidence Meal Plan.

Jam packed with simple, healthy weight loss recipes. 

Food that is nutritious tasty food that is easy to prepare and will help cleanse your liver, balance your hormones while improving your digestive health and metabolic rate. 

You will not have to think about what is healthy and what is not and all these meals

are perfect for you to follow on your own at home to enjoy or with the rest of the family.

Recipes and even shopping lists are included to make it easy for you.

Fussy eater? No problem.

I will work out your individual calorie requirements instead so you can take control and do things your own way with my fitness freedom eating protocol formula. 


Weekly to monthly individual calorie target breakdown in a fun, simple practical way so you can control the life you want to live without any food or drink restrictions.  


Goal setting targets and challenges to give you direction and clarity while keeping you on your toes. To help you stay motivated to help you stay on track and get results  plus check ins and support.


You will be part of a powerful, positive not to mention friendly supportive group of Women to help keep you motivated and keep on track daily to help achieve your goals.  A chance to create new friendships and bonds for life. Knowing and reassured there are other women out there who feel the same and our having similar struggles or frustrations


I am here for you to achieve your goals not leaving you feel stuck in the mud.  This program is a one off payment. You decide if you would like to continue your journey after on your own or with continued support. 

Now let me ask you how much would hiring a Personal Trainer cost you for 30 days delivering you all this attention and value?

The answer is they wouldn't even bother in the first place.

They may create you a training plan to help achieve your goals, motivate you or work on your form in person.

You may even have the odd meeting or chat in a few months, but that is it.

You have limited chances and you are paying that time also.

Statistics show many go back to their old ways over a 5 year period simply because lack of support, aftercare or maintenance.

This is the difference in investing in a Personal Trainer or a coach like myself who can support and coach you daily until you achieve your goals.


Give me just 28 days and I’ll show you how you can drop at least a dress size and get your body confidence back.

Feel re-energised, de-stressed building confidence which starts to glow.

This is without crazy diets, energy zapping meal plans, quick fixes and learn how to keep it off forever, no matter what you have tried before or when you are right now.

Worth over £500.

Plus as free bonus worth £30 to help give you an energy boost I will personally coach you in your email inbox with my 28 day clean eating challenge.
This program runs from the 3rd of May until the 29th.

You will be charged a one off fee of just £75.

Click the button below reserve your place and have access to your downloads.



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