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Lose Weight While Still Eating Crap..

Not literary but let me explain.

In order to achieve the amazing result of a lean and toned body

you’ll have to workout hard and eat right at least 80% of the time.

Don’t fall into the trap of feeling like you have to eat

perfectly and exercise hard every single day.

Then if (when) you fail to meet that unreasonable expectation, you fall off the fitness wagon.

You can’t win by having a ‘100% or nothing’ attitude towards fitness.

You’re human.

You’re going to have a bad day, a sick day or just an off day.

Allow yourself 20% of grace and be sure to workout hard

and eat like a champion the other 80% of the time.

I call this the 80-20 rule.


For some reason down the line people have been brained washed to believe

that in order you have to lose weight you must join the “Chicken N Broccoli” crew

and be part of this every single day until your time has come.

(probably from depression or boredom)

Let’s be honest here.

90% of you probably HATE Broccoli.

And 90% of you probably even hate doing exercise too.

If this was not the case wouldn’t we all be PHIT and sexy right now?

Like I have said before now I am NOT Mr perfect.

I mean how boring would that be anyway?

I like to have my treats.

I train personally for myself 4-5 times a week

(3-4 max is fine for you)

and once a week I have a cheat meal or “treat night”.
If my clients are following one my rapid weight loss programmes they will also have this too

They have to be good though in the week to earn it.


Just like myself.

You should see my friend’s face expressions when they see

the junk food that is in my shopping basket.

I get comments such as:

“You can’t eat that..”

You just bloody watch me baby”cakes” 😉

And man does It feels so “SWEET”

(sorry again)

going into a sugar coma after a hard week of work and training.

I earned that pleasure.


Doing this once a week not only does me a world of good.

But helps keep my sanity too.

Then I re start again and just keep on going.

You see our diet or our “eating habits” as I would prefer to call it

count as 70-80% for our weight loss results.

You may not this but 1lb of fat is actually 3500 calories.

So just imagine right now a cup of butter filled right up to the rim.

That’s how big is it.

Still unhappy you “only” lost a 1lb last week?


So in order to drop a pound of fat/weight we must create a decent calorie deficit.

This can be done good eating habits (to make things a whole lot easier)

and exercise to speed up the process.

Don’t also forget those the many health benefits of doing exercise

including looking Phit and feeling just generally AWESOME!

This is why one bad meal really won’t be you big.

Just like one good meal won’t make you slim.

If you follow the 80/20 rule you should get a nice balance and

still be able to achieve your goals while still eating the foods you enjoy.

I hate it when people to say to me in regards working on their Nutrition:

“Yeah but I like food”


“But I like my carbs”

Who DOESN’T like food sorry?

Or Carbohydrates for that matter?

It’s about just making the right choices most of the time.

Healthy does not have taste bland and be boring.

Nor be complicated to make.

You either want to lose weight or you don’t want to lose weight.

Which one is it going to be?


You can’t have it all.

It’s like wanting to be rich and poor.

Sometimes you just have a make a tiny bit more effort.

Or just prepare a bit more in advance.

This is normally the problem.

Many people don’t want to do that

and just be spoon fed with everything.

These people also expect the results to come to them without putting any extra effort whatever.


I’ve experienced this a lot during my time training and trying to help people.

Just excuse after excuse.

Even total denial sometimes.

Sadly these people are going to be standing still

“wishing” and “hoping”

for results to come there way.

Or blaming the next trainer, or the next trainer

and trying every single diet fad or fitness craze there is.

Think of the money they have wasted too.


Luckily (for me anyway) my clients love the Nutrition I give them

Because IT’S NOT Broccoli and Chicken.

For example I give them an awesome tasty meatball recipe and

burgers to munch on too NOM NOM NOM!

And nothing beats a good old Curry too!


They have this type of food and still get fantastic gains.

For you it might actually be simpler to eat healthy during the work week too

when you have to follow a routine and schedule.

Then on the weekend, you do not have to eat healthy all the time.

However, it is important that when you relax on the weekend, you do not over binge.

I don’t do this because I am luck enough to have extremely strong will power.

Just be CAREFUL!

proceed with caution main Sep 10

If you really think about it by being good 80% of the time it will slowly

allow to adapt to these new healthy lifestyle changes you are going through.

Then you will be able to crack the code and do it with no struggle at all.


You can also use this 80/20 approach to living for the whole year in fact.

If you look after yourself 80% of the time the other 20% will not matter.

That 20% of year equals to around 10 week in total.

So when you are ready to step even more you can change the 80/20 to 90/10 or even go for the 100%!

If you keep doing it and eat sensible say for 30 days at a time

then if you apply and do this every few months throughout the year

you are most certainly going to get and have long term maintainable results.

Just blend in a few clean up periods to brush aside the rest.

Hope this all makes sense?

If it’s just weight loss or you just generally want to be fit

the 80/20 rule will work wonders for you.

Even more if you went for the “whole hog” (100%)


All I want you to do now is imagine how you feel like this time

next year if you followed this approach.

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^ It’s your call ^



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