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A serious blog post today

Mainly because the World has gone mad eh?

Please try not to believe everything you are reading right now

Especially on Fakebook and various other websites except of course from 100% reliable sources

I tell what is really getting me angry though


Is that A LOT of people seem to be panicking about right now is food

Theres no need to be a complete a selfish so N so and stockpile a mountain of pasta or toilet roll


Just be a little considerate of other people who might not drive…

The elderly who can’t get to the big supermarkets….

Those families who can’t afford to bulk buy


Do what I normally do when I need to do some online shopping

And that is write or type a proper shopping list…

Get back to some old good cooking, bring that slow cooker back to life and cook and stock up your freezer with home made ready meals

Recipes full goodness and vegetables that not only will help you drop those lbs but help keep your immune system fired up right now to help fight off any bugs

Don’t be a dirty Pig, stay clean, stay hydrated, move more, sleep well

Get out in the fresh air and try not to get too stressed about all the news

As one of my mentors Paul Mort has pointed get the info you need about the virus then get then focus on something you CAN CONTROL
What to create more anxiety?

Then spend more time on your phone

I am finding social media the worse place on the Planet at the moment

Which I have spent all morning creating a FREE Isolation Workout Plan for you
All to help you feel more energised, focused and positive until things are back to normal again
ISOLATION PLAN << Download The Files Here


And I will end this post with another awesome quote:

“Plan for the worst, expect the best!”

Stay safe

Stay positive and be awesome

Matt ”Isolated” Jupp


in person or in my groups I am treating the situation regarding the Corona Virus VERY seriously in all aspects
This includes their training environments but also how they feel even in training in the first place

Everything is deep cleaned daily

But now during this time not only will now my members will focus on mainly bodyweight exercises and some training outdoors to keep things more safe for peace of mind…

All my members will have full free access to my online academy

Full of home workouts, challenges, mindset coaching, meditation and relaxing activities including videos and MP3’s and so much more

So my crew can feel safe in their own environment while still getting those gains and progress they desire and deserve

And know I have always got their back
Fancy joining?

Whenever you are ready get in touch or click HERE

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