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Q1 What do you do at Synergy Phitness?

Synergy Phitness standard membership entitles you a chance to train 12 highly energetic, creative not to mention fun and hard working Group Personal Training sessions every 30 days. That is 3 week for only just £5 each time.  What you will find with the memberships is that you will get EXTREME value for money while will getting access to a whole lot of free extras including fat busting perfect nutrition plans (the KEY for results) and other bonus content such as home workouts, challenges and live Q&A’s and so much more. Our unique metabolism enhancing workouts will keep you burning fat long after your workout session!

This can be a range of anything such as hula hooping, boxing, resistance training, high-intensity intervals, slow cardio and even some good old fun and games too.

You will feel buzzing like a school kid again and you will bond greatly with our tribe and gain confidence. But not only that our unique training sessions are designed so you will always progress and beat any dreaded workout plateau. You may have heard of the fitness term “plateau” before. If not, it’s when you keep workout hard but stop seeing results. This is a result from repeating the same workout patterns over and over again and allowing your body to adapt. This will never happen at Synergy. With our highly effective slick periodisation system, your body will never adapt and your results come fast and consistent!


Q2 Who is Synergy Phitness aimed at?

Real Men and Women aged 35-50 who are frustrated with themselves by the lack of the results they are achieving from their current fitness program or diet plan. They want to be more active, feel more energised, productive and achieve amazing things in life not to mention adventure. No gimmicks, honest and we are not casual either. I am serious about getting you the results you want and desire. You will always get my full support. That is also why I give you a chance to train with me just 3 times during the week and that is it. I do this because I want you to create an actual routine and healthy lifestyle by committing to these days so you can plan everything else around it and not just “wing it” when you feel like it. The result? You get into a good positive feel good habit faster.


Q3 I’m really out of shape, Will I be able to keep up?

Synergy Phitness is designed for everyone.The training is specially designed so that no one is left behind and the training sessions will increase in difficulty over a 4-week training cycle.Adjustments will be made for the more or the less experienced so everyone benefits greatly and you will notice a difference on your second session with us.All we ask is that you get outside our comfort zone when you are ready so if you are pretty casual we are not for you.


Q4 Can I start right away?

If you are successful with your application (just be honest) then you will have to wait until the start of the month. My program is a journey which everyone starts together with a result at the end of the journey.The difficulty and complexity of the workouts will increase as your fitness improves which allows us to maximise the results you achieve and fat burning potential.For this reason, I just can not let you jump in. It may even cause you an injury by doing so.Do not worry though, you will be given some workouts to do before you start to get all fired up and prepared for your amazing first training session with us.


Q5 What makes Synergy Phitness different from other “bootcamps” in my area?

Well number one we are not a bootcamp, nor are we just a random exercise class.We are a quality health and fitness service which covers you from all angles for the long term. This combines the best and most effective exercise and simple nutrition solutions plus daily tips, activities and coaching to give you the best results and best experience possible. This is in a very welcoming and supporting environment (no egos) and includes the latest technology to measure your progress also.

For success what you NEED is support, motivation and accountability so you can achieve your goals and you will get all of that here.

We know what we do works which is why we off a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t drop a jean size or more in 30 days.

We are that confident in our program but you have to be confident enough to invest in yourself first

If you are not then I suggest to go for a cheaper alternative which will cost you far more (including emotionally) in the long run …

Many of our members have trained with us for the last 2-9 years with more ex-members coming back frequently now. There is a good reason for this. Nothing will out there will give you the same results at Synergy Phitness. By also paying for your block of training sessions each month in advance (normally 2-3 sessions a week) you will be committed to turning up to training which in return will get you the motivation you need and create a new habit. Don’t worry about the long-term yet either. You can leave when you want. No contacts like the gym.  No questions asked either and if you can not make every training session that is ok also.


Q6 How much does this cost?

Our prices will depend on your starting membership level where you could lose up to 7lbs in the first 7 days of starting. Each training session could work out only costing you just £5. If you do not think you are worth at least that then you have visited the wrong website.

The real key question is though how much will it cost you if you refuse to take action and carry on with what you are doing now? You are reading this for a reason. How much is your happiness actually worth?


Q7 Can I pay per session?

Unfortunately not. What makes our program different from others is that it is not just a random workout of the day. In order for us to guarantee you results, the training has to progressive for you unlike Pay As You Go that has to be a certain level all the time. Pay As You Go also does not really work because it simply gives you an option to become lazy and just turn up when you can be bothered. You won’t get results this way as you are more likely to quit when you see no progress and feel demotivated but the way I structure your training this forces you to commit, which then in return will make you start seeing results and this will make you feel proud of your regular improvements which will then make you continue for the long term and feel a lot more happier about yourself.


Q8 Can I just do the workouts and not do the nutrition?

Good nutrition is vital for your progress not to mention mood, health and energy levels so it’s up to you but the plans you receive will be part of your membership and a big key to your results and way you feel each day.


Q9 I have an injury, can I still join Synergy Phitness?

If you have an injury please speak make contact fist at info@synergyphitness.com


Q10 Do your train outdoors or indoors?

We mainly train indoors in the mornings but sometimes I may take it outside and adapt the training to the weather.

Exercising outdoors is beneficial to health. It oxygenates the blood which increases energy and improves your immune system. In the summer exercising outdoors also increases your vitamin D levels.

For this reason, sometimes I may change it up and take outside for a period of time.


Q11 What days are the training?

Training is every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at either 6.15am or 7.15am. This allows you to create some structure in your routine but also allows you to have plenty of recovery so you are nice and fresh for the following week and training session or get something done like a hike or run on the weekend with your new health and fitness levels.

Q12 Do I need to bring anything with me?

Suitable loose and comfortable kit, Water (for hydration) and BAGS OF ENERGY!!!

If you are training indoors then just water will be fine.



6.15 am – Weston Aerobics Gymnastics Club

7.15 am – Weston Aerobics Gymnastics Club


**Slot Coming Soon**


6.15 am – Weston Aerobics Gymnastics Club

7.15 am – Weston Aerobics Gymnastics Club


6.15 am – Weston Aerobics Gymnastics Club

7.15 am – Weston Aerobics Gymnastics Club


**Slot Coming Soon**

Training sessions last up to 45 minutes plus include a full warm up and cool down with stretching to fix any mobility or flexibility issues

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