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How many live workouts do you think you will see today on your newsfeed on social media? ????

Only joking do not even go there…
No doubt there will plenty. Everyone is going into a panic and frenzy

And while I think it’s great if you are really worried about your health and fitness at the moment I would like to reassure you on these facts….

To lose weight/fat you need a negative energy balance right?

Less calories than you take in. You know this
What you eat counts for around 60/70% for this
So really here already I could say this could be a PERFECT opportunity for you to actually work on your eating habits
As in learn from more about food, what to eat and why, and even do some meal plans or learn to cook online and at home
A lot of people do not like getting out of their comfort zone though and like to make themselves accountable or step up
So they do the things they really do not have to think about

Examples, not working on diet. Just do a fitness class, a live online workout I could say..
Hey if it keeps you motivated and still in your routine enjoy

I will be delivering some free stuff also
Even though there is PLENTY in my free Isolation Workout pack (Detox included plus regular support) via the link below << Here
But did you know if you are just not “feeling” exercise at the moment….
And you are just feeling overwhelmed and want a bit of time to digest everything that is going on?
Did you know your NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis )
Chores, engaging in hobbies…all like the examples I have put on the picture above also burn around 15% to 30% of your total daily energy expenditure

Well “most” of them maybe not Netflix haha
Doing household chores burns between 150-300 calories an hour, while working in the garden can burn 200 to 600 depending on what you are doing
So with that DON’T PANIC or stress too much about exercise at the moment

Get busy or just do some stuff at home and kick back

Everything you do will all add up…
But if you do need a bit more help with your training or some ideas including equipment etc don’t worry I got your back
Stay safe and if you need anything including fancy doing some home 121 PT with me via my app

Just get in touch via the contact form on the website



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