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Dare To Be Great

I’m gonna tell you a bed time story about a nobody which turned into a SOMEBODY!|

You may not know this but before I was Personal Trainer I used

to work on The Grand Pier for several years in Weston-super-Mare.

I even worked at Mc Donalds too!

“Cheese on 6?”

That was code for how many of these hamburgers do want turned into cheeseburgers…

Anyway, back the the Pier…

that place was so much FUN to work at in the summer!

I got promoted through the ranks over the years and made some great friends.

Earned a good pretty good wage too!

Enough cheddar to put bacon in my sandwich anyways..

There was a problem though.

I actually kinda hated it!

The staff and managers were AWESOME.

But the long working hours were so draining…

The abuse you used to get from customers all the time was pretty awful too.

Especially on bank holidays when they were so so DRUNK!

During my time there I kept saying I was going to leave.

Year after year.

I was going to start using my business study qualifications.

I never did though.

I was in total denial.

Then there ended up being a little fire…

OK so it was a BIG fire!

And after a few months we all got offered volunteering redundancy.

This was during the recession in December.

I remember in the meeting after we were just told

I was the first person who stood up and just walked out.

What was the first thing I did?

I went to the gym and did some strength training.

Don’t ask me why.

I wanted to just relieve some tension I guess.

It worked.

Because after I felt so much better.

Obviously though this feeling passed.

And I felt a bit like shit if I am honest.

At the end of the day though it was business.

I understand.

I am not bitter.

No way man.

It actually gave a good KICK UP THE ASS which I needed!

This was now my chance.

I think this is what I was saying to myself when I stormed out.

Stuff the denial.

The excuses.

Here is it.

I decided to take this opportunity to do something I always wanted to do in my life.

Take a chance.

With very little money I re-trained.

Made a new start.

A new life.

Enjoy what I do.

Helping people and looking after my health.

My passion.

I LOVE helping people.

I promised myself that I would give it my all because even if I failed..

..I knew there would be NO REGRETS.

My dad didn’t even really want me to be a Personal Trainer.

He was totally against it.

Said I should of played it safe and still work on the pier if they asked me back.

He had a point though.

All he was trying to do was protect me.

Ya know, just in-case it did not quite go to plan.

A LOT of Personal Trainers only survive in the UK for around 6 months.

This is a fact.

Being self employed is really hard too.

In fact training people is the easy bit.

I think a lot of trainers don’t even think about the rest.

And they just expect people to come to them.

More on that topic another time though.

I always used take my dads advice but not this time.

Funny enough it my Mum who gave me the boost or the final nudge which I needed.

I just went for this.

Dared to be great.

I got 100% out of my comfort zone.

I started my life again from scratch and being self employed too.

I jumped straight into the deep end!

No experience.

ZERO money.

Not working at a gym.

100% freelance out in open.

I am still am now.

I worked my dam ass off.

Still am now chico!

No social life for a couple of years trying to build up my client base.

Free sessions for a year.

Just so I could try and build up a reputation.

I sacrificed so much.

Even a 5 year relationship ended because it suffered too much.

Heart breaking if I am honest.

Still hits a nerve.

I am human after all.

Not an emotionless robot.

Looking at things back now

I wish I had a bit more balance.

With my friends.



I just didn’t want anything to affect my desire, determination or progress.

Now I am trying to re-build my life back again.

I have done a lot of self-development over the last year.

And it’s worked really well.

Got back to a bit of normality.

Regain things I have lost.

Things which have been missing in my life that I actually need.

Friends especially.

I have actually had to make new ones.

Because at the end of the day if I didn’t

I would of just been on my own.

The only person who can change things at the end of the day is ME.

No one else.

I can make as many excuses as I want..

but the outcome will still be same.

Unless I DECIDE I WANT to do something about it.

There is no point just standing still.



MUST take action.

This can apply with you also.

With anything in life.

So that’s how I got here anyway.

I turned such a negative

during a recession into a positive.

Deep down I really wanted it that bad to succeed.

Was willing to do what it takes.

The is the key.

No excuses.

No denial.

No bullshit.

I still am growing stronger each day.

I love my career.

I love changing people’s lives.

I love my life.

I love my amazing clients.

Life is pretty dam good.

And I don’t even mind getting up at 4.30am regularly too!

Check out this story below about one of my clients Marcus.

Inspiring huh?

I also forgot to mention that during the same year he also lost 3

stone of weight.

You should see him now!


He dared to be great.

OK so now I thought I’d be brave and dig out some old horrible pictures of myself.

My own body transformation over the years.

Man I have changed a lot.

From being thin as a rake.

Bulking and being 16 stone.

To now…

Which is around just 6% body fat and fit as fiddle.

So what is the point of me showing you this?

To show off?

Not at all.

To show you that if you really want something in life

and are willing to work hard and make some sacrifices then you will get it.

No matter what genetics or goals you may have.

I did all of that and achieved it.

Put the required effort in.

Earn your body.

Dare to be great.

Get out of that comfort zone.

Because if you do GREAT things will happen!

You deserve to look and feel AMAZING 100%!

So make yourself the best possible version of yourself that you can possibly be.

I find if you really want something you will find a way no matter what.

If you don’t you will just find an excuse.

And and excuses are the nails which build up house of failure.

Sometimes you just have to try different things.

Make some sacrifices.

Work on it at a different angle.

Most of the time though we just really need to try a bit harder.

At the end of the day though only you can personally change

things but the end results is always worth it.


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jane - February 10, 2014 Reply

Great post!! Really enjoy your blogs and newsletters 🙂

    iammattjupp - February 11, 2014 Reply

    Thanks Jane. VERY much appreciated! 🙂

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