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New Live ZOOM Home Workouts

Fed up of coma inducing home workouts ???? or feeling anxious training around others?????‍♀️????????????
Full details revealed in my free Weston-Super-Fitness Pandemic Support Group for my new exciting HIIT (no equipment needed) ZOOM home training sessions ????
Dropping permanently soon so I have got your health and fitness goals covered. No matter where you are at.
These will be every day Monday to Friday including your free taster session to get you started.

Full details revealed NOW in my free Weston-Super-Fitness Pandemic Support Group so click the text or iimage below if you want to know and see all the details


















Feel free to contact me also with any questions via

Regards, Matt Jupp – Transformation Coach

Free Covid-19 Health & Fitness Support Group













Slimmers plus health and fitness fanatics please do feel free to join if local to Weston-super-Mare and have a Facebook account.

Lot’s of helpful content, support and fun banter inside awaits you.

Stay fit and healthy, post inside to motivate, inspire or simply make others smile and feel less lonely

Click HERE or the image above to join and look forward seeing you in there 🙂

Regards Matt Jupp

Best home workout equipment?















We may be facing weeks or possibly months of staying but in that shouldn’t mean the end of you making a commitment to your health and wellbeing from still doing exercise

(When you are ready of course)

For those of you who are used training in a gym you can find bits of kit online that recreate some of those exercises you are used to

Here are some kit recommendations for some ideas

Yoga Mat
Your mental health is so important especially at a time like this.
Strength, flexibility, cardio and mindfulness . You can do so much on one of these.

A Kettlebell
You can train the whole body with one of these and it is great for building muscle and also working your cardiovascular system to really get the heart pumping. I would also get one if you want to get involved with my 30 days of fitness home workout challenge coming soon ????

I have some rubber Hex dumbbells at home and one, two and five kilogram dumbbells are a great weight to add additional resistance to exercises like lunges, side raises, bicep curls and tricep extensions. You don’t need to go heavy, if you keep your repetitions strict then you can get an amazing full body workout with them

Resistance band
Cheap and can be used to copy many gym exercises such as the lat pull down machine if attach to a door. This also can be used for flexibility but you can also use them improve joint mobility and physio work

They say if you can not even lift or push your own bodyweight you should even be touching weights and what a piece of equipment this is. You can train the whole body while working on muscle imbalances and do it in a different and exciting way

Skipping rope
If ceiling height permits or you’ve got a decent garden get one of these. Skipping is hard. It is nothing like it was at School. It drench you in sweat and give you a cracking cardio workout ????

A Swiss ball
Great for doing core and ab work. You can even train your legs if you do hamstring curls or split lunges and can comfort you more if you have lower back pain for crunches or squats for example. Most come with a pump you don’t worry you can deflate at any time.

Cheap Tablet
To live-streamed training classes, social media, talking to loved ones or even for your kids while you are watching the TV I recommend investing in one of these

Lack of funds?
Bodyweight exercises are still ok don’t worry and really can work you and your body hard if you know what you are doing and nail your rest periods, sets, times and reps

For example if you would like a push up to be a lot harder, put your feet onto a chair

You can do exactly the same from a static lunge changing it into a split squat

Don’t believe me?
Download my free Isolation Workout pack below and you will see what I mean ???? << HERE

With a Kettlebell use a rucksack or bag for life with some packs of sugar or rice in them and with dumbbells tins of beans or bottles of water will do. Just use your imagination ????

Hope this helps and gives you some ideas

And if you REALLY fancy a decent home workout challenge…

Check out my 30 Days Of Fitness

Have fun 😉

Do you really have to do these?



















How many live workouts do you think you will see today on your newsfeed on social media? ????

Only joking do not even go there…
No doubt there will plenty. Everyone is going into a panic and frenzy

And while I think it’s great if you are really worried about your health and fitness at the moment I would like to reassure you on these facts….

To lose weight/fat you need a negative energy balance right?

Less calories than you take in. You know this
What you eat counts for around 60/70% for this
So really here already I could say this could be a PERFECT opportunity for you to actually work on your eating habits
As in learn from more about food, what to eat and why, and even do some meal plans or learn to cook online and at home
A lot of people do not like getting out of their comfort zone though and like to make themselves accountable or step up
So they do the things they really do not have to think about

Examples, not working on diet. Just do a fitness class, a live online workout I could say..
Hey if it keeps you motivated and still in your routine enjoy

I will be delivering some free stuff also
Even though there is PLENTY in my free Isolation Workout pack (Detox included plus regular support) via the link below << Here
But did you know if you are just not “feeling” exercise at the moment….
And you are just feeling overwhelmed and want a bit of time to digest everything that is going on?
Did you know your NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis )
Chores, engaging in hobbies…all like the examples I have put on the picture above also burn around 15% to 30% of your total daily energy expenditure

Well “most” of them maybe not Netflix haha
Doing household chores burns between 150-300 calories an hour, while working in the garden can burn 200 to 600 depending on what you are doing
So with that DON’T PANIC or stress too much about exercise at the moment

Get busy or just do some stuff at home and kick back

Everything you do will all add up…
But if you do need a bit more help with your training or some ideas including equipment etc don’t worry I got your back
Stay safe and if you need anything including fancy doing some home 121 PT with me via my app

Just get in touch via the contact form on the website



8 tips for a healthy immune system

High Street
Weston-Super-Mare Somerset 999 999

FREE: Isolation Home Workout Plan










A serious blog post today

Mainly because the World has gone mad eh?

Please try not to believe everything you are reading right now

Especially on Fakebook and various other websites except of course from 100% reliable sources

I tell what is really getting me angry though


Is that A LOT of people seem to be panicking about right now is food

Theres no need to be a complete a selfish so N so and stockpile a mountain of pasta or toilet roll


Just be a little considerate of other people who might not drive…

The elderly who can’t get to the big supermarkets….

Those families who can’t afford to bulk buy


Do what I normally do when I need to do some online shopping

And that is write or type a proper shopping list…

Get back to some old good cooking, bring that slow cooker back to life and cook and stock up your freezer with home made ready meals

Recipes full goodness and vegetables that not only will help you drop those lbs but help keep your immune system fired up right now to help fight off any bugs

Don’t be a dirty Pig, stay clean, stay hydrated, move more, sleep well

Get out in the fresh air and try not to get too stressed about all the news

As one of my mentors Paul Mort has pointed get the info you need about the virus then get then focus on something you CAN CONTROL
What to create more anxiety?

Then spend more time on your phone

I am finding social media the worse place on the Planet at the moment

Which I have spent all morning creating a FREE Isolation Workout Plan for you
All to help you feel more energised, focused and positive until things are back to normal again
ISOLATION PLAN << Download The Files Here


And I will end this post with another awesome quote:

“Plan for the worst, expect the best!”

Stay safe

Stay positive and be awesome

Matt ”Isolated” Jupp


in person or in my groups I am treating the situation regarding the Corona Virus VERY seriously in all aspects
This includes their training environments but also how they feel even in training in the first place

Everything is deep cleaned daily

But now during this time not only will now my members will focus on mainly bodyweight exercises and some training outdoors to keep things more safe for peace of mind…

All my members will have full free access to my online academy

Full of home workouts, challenges, mindset coaching, meditation and relaxing activities including videos and MP3’s and so much more

So my crew can feel safe in their own environment while still getting those gains and progress they desire and deserve

And know I have always got their back
Fancy joining?

Whenever you are ready get in touch or click HERE

Why I want Corona

I am talking about the Lager not the virus even I will talk about that in a second…

Apparently sales have dropped massively since what has been going on

So if you are “brave enough” 😉 …

I expect you will able to get it on the cheap

I’ll probably grab a few

(Yep you can still drink if do the 80/20 rule I use)

Especially as The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up To Cancer returns soon

This is a roster of famous faces hoping to show off their baking prowess or “lack of”…

in a bid to be awarded the coveted Star Baker apron

But the thing I love about it is the great thing about apart from the fact it’s for a good cause is that it is hilarious utterly unpredictable and impossible to fake LOL

I respect those so much who do their part for Cancer

Even more so since I lost my father to it in 2018

But what inspires me the most is those who do simply INCREDIBLE selfless things despite if they have got in or are really suffering and hurting inside

They get on with it because they simply have and want to savour every moment or second, make an impact on the world or on other people

Which makes me laugh me sometimes as we all often like to moan and feel “sorry for ourselves” but normally we can change the way we feel about things simply if we just take some action

Just like one of my fave quotes:

“”If nothing changes NOTHING changes”

Some people in life can’t solve their problems and nothing really does not change

It’s heart breaking

So where I am going with the Corona virus?

Well I suppose you can buy as much bog roll as you want

(Even though your keyboard and mobile are probably the most dirtiest things you own so I think you should be paying attention on those)

You can buy a mask even though they do not really do anything but there is not going to be much we can do about it?

So with that…why worry about things we can’t control and freak out then cause panic and anxiety to others including yourself?

Why not take action with things you can?

Heart disease, cancers, strokes, high blood pressure and diabetes etc

All related to bad health and shitty diets

And as you know you can do this by simply eating healthier, reduce that stress and get some exercise?

But I get it. As humans we like to make excuses 24/7

We like to leave things it’s too late…

Then we play that

“Why me, what did I do to deserve this?” card

Sometimes its not what you do in life it’s what you don’t do

Diet starts next Monday, right?


Matt’ Corona Time” Jupp


WANTED: Busy Men and woman aged 35-50 from Weston-super-Mare who want to lose lbs while getting in the best shape of their lives without nose bleed inducing workouts nor soul crushing diets

This will be with my new 3-5 days a week early morning energetic health and body transformation groups

And will be from 6:15am including nutrition support + daily motivation with my slick accountability app and no BS lifestyle coaching and of course free daily home workouts just incase you really do need them any type of situation

Be one of the first to grab a place in a few weeks time by replying back with “FIT MY LIFE” or click HERE

Why you should avoid these

Fitness magazines….












My last video on this got BANNED ⚠️….
but which headline do you think will make you more tempted to buy it?


“Melt fat right away by eating this one fruit”

“Flat belly right now! Get results in just 4 moves”

Or…. (me being honest here)

“Burning and eating less calories than you take in really is the secret for fat loss”

“You have to really want to succeed and make yourself accountable to achieve”

Of course we would pick the first two

Then what they will do is give you some workouts which are designed not to work for you at all and never train properly leaving you baffled and stuck what to do next (no progression)

And the celeb workouts???

Do you REALLY believe they do some of those silly exercises? ???? ????

Ask yourself, if a magazine actually helped you would you need to buy the magazine again?

Let’s not forget the most important thing of all…

What do magazines have in them? And plenty of?

Of course I’m talking about supplements , kit and protein

If you take a closer look at each article in the magazine somewhere in it there will a cheeky plug or mention of their product

And many of these magazines are sponsored by supplement companies how they make their money

Unrealistic claims, unrealistic expectations, unrealistic goals…

That’s the problem

To make it worse though this is just like when we look at these women or men on Instagram also

We look the muscles, these lean, toned, sexy, sculpted bodies and we have no idea what they’re doing

So we then believe and buy the supplements they endorse thinking that it will help us and so on

Not to mention putting a lot of pressure on ourselves comparing for no reason

I mean recipes in these magazines can be pretty handy

And if you like to read silly random facts (if you think they are even true) then great

Just please do not fall for the BS


Want to train with someone you can trust?

Then get in touch by filling out my interest and empathy form HERE

This will give you more

Who has a Coffee machine like this? ????????

Some benefits of black Coffee… ????

???? Coffee can boost your physical performance.

Have a cup of black coffee about an hour before workout and your performance can improve by 12%. This is because Caffeine increases adrenaline levels in your blood. Adrenaline is your body’s “fight or flight” hormone which helps you to prepare for physical exertion.

???? Coffee may help you lose weight.
Coffee contains magnesium and potassium, which helps the human body use insulin, regulating blood sugar levels and reducing your craving for sugary treats and snacks. I would personally go for black just because there are extra calories in Milk

???? Coffee helps you burn fat.
Caffeine helps fat cells break down body fat and use it as fuel for training.

???? Coffee helps you focus and stay alert.
Moderate caffeine intake, helps you focus and improves your mental alertness.

???? Coffee can also….
Lowers risk of death, reduces risk of cancers, reduce risk of stroke, reduces risk of Parkinson’s disease , may lower risk of Type II diabetes but also Coffee contains a lot of antioxidants, protecting against free radicals within your body.

Drawbacks? ????????????
I will talk about those another time…

HATE Coffee though? ????????

If Coffee is not your thing, you could an alternative like “Matcha”…. ????

Taking this will give you a natural energy boost without the crash of coffee and has 10 times more antioxidants than regular Green Tea ????

Check out what I recommend here ???? ????

(Use Jupp10 for some discount) ????

And whenever you are ready….

If you want a bit more help regarding your weight loss and fitness

Why not get in touch?


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