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We may be facing weeks or possibly months of staying but in that shouldn’t mean the end of you making a commitment to your health and wellbeing from still doing exercise

(When you are ready of course)

For those of you who are used training in a gym you can find bits of kit online that recreate some of those exercises you are used to

Here are some kit recommendations for some ideas

Yoga Mat
Your mental health is so important especially at a time like this.
Strength, flexibility, cardio and mindfulness . You can do so much on one of these.

A Kettlebell
You can train the whole body with one of these and it is great for building muscle and also working your cardiovascular system to really get the heart pumping. I would also get one if you want to get involved with my 30 days of fitness home workout challenge coming soon ????

I have some rubber Hex dumbbells at home and one, two and five kilogram dumbbells are a great weight to add additional resistance to exercises like lunges, side raises, bicep curls and tricep extensions. You don’t need to go heavy, if you keep your repetitions strict then you can get an amazing full body workout with them

Resistance band
Cheap and can be used to copy many gym exercises such as the lat pull down machine if attach to a door. This also can be used for flexibility but you can also use them improve joint mobility and physio work

They say if you can not even lift or push your own bodyweight you should even be touching weights and what a piece of equipment this is. You can train the whole body while working on muscle imbalances and do it in a different and exciting way

Skipping rope
If ceiling height permits or you’ve got a decent garden get one of these. Skipping is hard. It is nothing like it was at School. It drench you in sweat and give you a cracking cardio workout ????

A Swiss ball
Great for doing core and ab work. You can even train your legs if you do hamstring curls or split lunges and can comfort you more if you have lower back pain for crunches or squats for example. Most come with a pump you don’t worry you can deflate at any time.

Cheap Tablet
To live-streamed training classes, social media, talking to loved ones or even for your kids while you are watching the TV I recommend investing in one of these

Lack of funds?
Bodyweight exercises are still ok don’t worry and really can work you and your body hard if you know what you are doing and nail your rest periods, sets, times and reps

For example if you would like a push up to be a lot harder, put your feet onto a chair

You can do exactly the same from a static lunge changing it into a split squat

Don’t believe me?
Download my free Isolation Workout pack below and you will see what I mean ???? << HERE

With a Kettlebell use a rucksack or bag for life with some packs of sugar or rice in them and with dumbbells tins of beans or bottles of water will do. Just use your imagination ????

Hope this helps and gives you some ideas

And if you REALLY fancy a decent home workout challenge…

Check out my 30 Days Of Fitness

Have fun 😉

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