Matt Jupp

I am Matt Jupp and here is why I love helping Men and Women so much.

For the last 11 years I have enhanced the lives of many being in the health and fitness industry. 

Having the first Bootcamp offering in my town Weston-super-Mare with Bootcamp Somerset and also small group training with Synergy Phitness and various effective online challenges, I have always have had a deep passion wanting to help others.

Men and Women who are determined to get into shape and want to experience greater things in life in a better body and healthy mindset.

Most important of all though...

Those who just want to love themselves and live again once more after sadly letting themselves go from other lifestyle commitments and putting others first... 

I specialise in weight loss and fitness for and I know how exactly to deliver those results while keeping things always fresh and stimulating. 

Helping Men and Women lose the weight, tone up, while getting them fitter, stronger and flexible.

Making them feel more sexy and powerful with attractive confidence to match .

Delivering the accountability and coaching to help them keep it off for good for the long term with my honest yet simple lifestyle coaching.

This includes helping with their eating habits and mindset so they understand their relationship with food better and be in control of their actions with clarity.

Improved relationships, better sex life, increased work productivity and connections with a body full of confidence.

Before though many though tried pretty much every soul-crushing diet, club, class, fitness app and local boot camp going…

Trying fat burner pills and sipping ridiculously expensive shakes.

Counterproductive workouts from fitness magazines or random workouts from various fitness apps with no feedback or lifestyle coaching.

Lets not get me started about those constant patronising fitness professionals...

Those who seem to live the ‘perfect life’ and have never had a bad day?

End result?

They did not get the results they were after…

They gave up. 

Sadly ending up heavier, lost and feeling frustrated than ever before…

Until they contacted me of course.

Like I have said before helping others has always been from my passion.

Even more so when after I got made redundant in my twenties where I had to retrain and completely restart my life again. 

I really wanted to help, inspire and motivate people and show that anything is possible if you got the right attitude and determination.

Motivating and inspiring them with my own personal achievements along the way.


Doing over 100 different Obstacle Course Races.

Many for charity including for mental health and Cancer.

Representing the UK in Canada at the Obstacle Course Race Championship Finals.

Running and completing a 69-mile Ultra Marathon in 12 hours…

Becoming a 
Vivo Life Vegan supplement ambassador.

Use my discount code "jupp10" on your first order if would like to try my favourite Protein.

I also have achieved great success with a few extreme endurance races which were held in Berlin, Sweden, Atlanta.

These were mainly 24 hours including the famous Worlds Toughest Mudder.

Plus a 36 hour Military Endurance event I took on.

Which I miserably failed after only 9 hours…

Representing the UK for the Obstacle Course Race World Championships in Canada.

Completing a 69 Mile Ultra Marathon in 16 hours from Carlisle to Newcastle.

A 24 Hour Tough Mudder in the USA

And most recent being an ambassador and part of the Vivo Life team

However all these experiences (good or bad) taught me a lot about myself.

Making me try different ways or adjusting my approach if at first I did not succeed. 

One example was after I got made redundant from the famous "Grand Pier fire" and I had to completely re-train and restart my whole life again. 

Image credit bbc.co.uk

These life challenges and obstacles made me become more strong, resilient and to be able to adapt to change and growth.

I needed that more than ever when I lost my father to terminal Cancer in 2018 in the space of around 5 months.

This really highlighted to me that life is far too short. 

I have a lot of gratitude these days also.

Even more so the end of 2021 I had broken both my Tibia and Fibula bones in a freak roller blading accident and now a have a metal rod in my leg for the rest of my life.

Despite this setback my body and my health though is still in one of the best conditions it ever has using the same principles and rules I have helped others with. 

Since the Corona Virus I have educated people that looking after our Mental Health and body is more important than ever.

To enjoy life to the fullest and decide what to do with the time that has been given to us.

Using exercise and daily healthy habits that really helped me, to help us get through the toughest of times and come out the other end more positive and stronger. 

And that is why I am here.

To connect, help those who seek it and make a positive impact on the World in a way I have never done before.

I am here now available to help you change your life if you want to take it.



I have a reputation of getting dedicated Men and Women serious results when it comes to losing weight, health, mindset and fitness.  

Helping people and fitness is my raw passion.

Practicing what I preach. Talking the talk and walking the walk. 


With 11 years of experience in the health and fitness industry I have done it all.

Personal Training, bootcamps, semi-private training, pre/post natal, online systems, home workouts, HIIT, gym workouts, express workouts, nutrition coaching, lifestyle coaching and mindset coaching.

I also have had interests in resistance training, strength training, running, ultra running, obstacle course racing like Tough Mudder and Spartan and Yoga.

So I have got your back and then some more.

I know what works best to help you get your results easier and faster while helping you get through it with my support.


I am always researching and investing in myself with trends and skills so I can help others better.

I know everyone has an individual journey regarding their health, fitness and struggles.

 I always like to over deliver and provide more value to my clients so they have all the tools and knowledge to help them succeed.


Simplicity is key! I will make sure you do not make the mistakes I did in the health and fitness industry. Wasting money on gimmick weight loss supplements,  feeling wiped out on gruelling long workouts or cardio. No matter how busy your lifestyle is I have got you covered so not only will you succeed, but I teach you how to make it sustainable after. 


I know you are busy and deserve my respect so I am not going to waste your time and try and fool you with random waffle or sound cool gimmicks you have may heard before.

I will give you my full support with my honest , simple yet direct approach without the BS .

Your chance of succeeding is a lot higher when you have "a real coach" who holds you to your highest standards and will make sure you do the work so you will not give up like you have done in the past.

I get it. We can all lose motivation, get side tracked or have make other commitments.

Not this time kiddo!

You are getting to that finish line.



Having a good balance is important to help you achieve your goals and I will show you how you can still enjoy the finer things you like in life.

Like Gin, Prosecco , a beer, that bar of Chocolate or Pizza without over doing it or sabotaging your progress.


I will save you some money by cutting all the unnecessary crap you have been taking and doing to just "fill the void'.

You don't need to someone to help count your reps for results. 

What you really need is support, direction and accountability.

You'll get that all of here!

You don't need someone to help count your reps for results what you really need is support, direction and accountability and you will get all of that here.

So no matter how busy your lifestyle is I have got you covered so you can still take good care of yourself regarding your health and fitness.


I  will let you get on with the work but you will never feel alone. I will be there for you every step of the way.

This includes my Facebook community of supportive powerful Men and Women that will have you strive and thrive.



Representing UK at the Obstacle Course Race World Championships in Canada finishing top 19%

24 Hour Obstacle Course Race In Sweden In Aid Of Make A Wish Foundation

Raising Money For Mental Health Foundation

Raising Money For Cancer Research

Welcomed By Weston Aerobic Gymnastics Club

North Somerset Business Leader 

Launching Bootcamp Somerset After Being Made Redudant After The Famous Grand Pier Fire

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