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” How Overwhelmed 30+ Men & Woman From Weston-Super-Mare Are Losing Weight While Getting In The Best Shape Of Their Lives Without Coma Inducing Workouts Or Soul Crushing Diets”



Life Changing Results


Since the situation with Co-vid-19 things have progressed and changed rapidly, especially in the health and fitness industry.

Due to the recommendation and rules of social distancing at the moment for the time being I am now unable to offer classes in person in the community unless they are outside in small private groups of 6-10.

Fear not though I have some new and different options available for you so you can still gain the benefits from looking after your health and fitness once again, but most important of all look after your wellbeing and mental health after such struggling and stressful times for everyone.

This includes tailored 121 training programs for at home or 121 safely in person outside in parks etc.

For this reason let’s get things started with ball rolling once more by you filling out my interest from on the website and I can give you options for when you are good and ready to start again.

Regards, Matt Jupp -Personal Trainer



” From having my third child in 5 years I was having very low self esteem and completely lacking in confidence before I joined Synergy Phitness.

However, in just 8 months I lost a grand total of 42 lbs and 39 inches off my body and dropped from a size 14 to a size 8! I feel fit, sexy and energised for the first time in years!

There is now nothing I feel I can not do. My life has completely changed for the better because of Synergy. “

– Kim Wilson kim-2


” I was in poor shape, morbidly obese, unfit with an ex stream lack of confidence!

In 7 months I have lost over 4 stone, 22 inches of body mass and gained back my life! I’m happier, healthier and have a load of energy! I wouldn’t be where I am today without Synergy Phitness!! “

– Lawrence Elliot



Benefits Of Joining Us:


????Free Self Isolation Home Workout Academy for continued progress and focus

????Train 2 times a week SAFE for an investment of just £6

????Home PT available so you can do what you want to achieve your goals

???? Have more energy than the Duracell Bunny so you can keep up with your friends or family and take up any new physical challenge

???? ???? Finally wear those tops with confidence (not black) and those skinny jeans once again

???? Simple and easy to follow nutrition plans provided monthly with our app

???? Less joint and back pain resulting in a better quality sleep

???? Increased mobility so you can dance those weekend nights away

???? Be more productive, sharp and focused at work so you can get that pay rise at work or expand your business

???? Make you attractive and irresistible to the opposite sex with your new body and increased confidence levels

????‍????‍????‍???? A healthy and fine-tuned fit body for peace of mind for yourself, family or partner

???? Healthy lifestyle and self-development coaching to get your head in the game for the long term

???? Fun yet challenging progressive training sessions to help build your confidence while getting those important results

✈️ No contract. Leave when want and no questions asked

???? And of course coaching support from the most passionate and dedicated trainer you will ever meet having experience with groups for the last 9 years

???? People asking you “Have you lost weight?”

???? Plus many more! 


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