How Busy Women Over 30 Are Getting In The Best Shape Of Their Lives Without Boredom Inducing Workouts Or Energy Zapping Diets

Matt's energising online life enhancing system is for you if you deep down want your mojo and life back. Feeling and looking at your best once again, opening up new doors of positivity and excitement to enjoy and experience a more healthier, happier and more practical way of living.

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There a so many Women out there living a life in a body they feel secretly insecure about. Looking at the mirror, baggy clothes or the scales unhappy with regret and irritation,  wondering how they let themselves go from overnight snacking, putting others first all the time and other lifestyle commitments. 


With over 10 years of experience, knowledge and continuously investing in further education regarding all things health, nutrition, mindset and fitness I have already enhanced and changed the lives of thousands of Women. Helping them lead a more fulfilling, healthier happier live. Getting them in the best shape while helping them achieve things they thought were never possible. 


You can't change your past, but you can learn from it and change your future.  It is time to start a new chapter and have a better understanding and relationship with food your choices and daily habits so you can stop feeling guilty anymore and move forward in a positive direction and a healthy mindset to go with it.


Matt Jupp

Hi my name is Matt Jupp and I am the creator of MJ FIT.

The last 10 years I have been delivering the ultimate fat loss and fitness formulas in groups,  121 and around the World online.

Enhancing the lives of busy Woman who were determined to get into shape and wanted to experience greater things in life in a better body and healthy mindset.

Most important of all those who just wanted to love themselves and the reflection they saw in the Mirror once again after sadly letting themselves go from other lifestyle commitments or putting others first....

Giving them my full support with my honest , simple yet direct approach all things relating to enjoyable healthy living (without the BS).

Motivating and inspiring them also with my own personal achievements and bouncing back from my own personal life struggles along the way.

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All these show the true love and passion I have not only helping others regarding their health and fitness but I practice what I preach also and I am human like everyone else also..

To to be an inspiring role model for others to follow so they can look and feel amazing and enjoy life on different levels which they never thought was possible also.

No matter what life throws at them. 

Now it's time for me to help you shine and bring back your sparkle.

Welcome to Your New FIT Fam

Here's why our members love MJ FIT


A structured workout schedule.

You will enjoy a wide variety of workouts and weekly challenges.

This includes HIIT, endurance, strength training, cardio , abs and core conditioning.

Not only will you see and get the best possible results for your needs or important focus areas but in the shortest amount of time whilst having fun.

Never be stuck for a workout or ideas again with the variety using just your bodyweight, light dumbbells or a Kettlebell.

You will be excited what you will be doing next and in return will keep your enthusiasm and motivation levels on a new level you have never experienced before.

I will also throw in some special surprises to keep you on your toes. 

You can also do these anywhere.

At home, in the gym, with your friends or partner. 

You are the boss and fully in control.


The same proven workout formulas that £230/hour celebrity trainers use to get their clients amazing results in the film industry.

This is from my 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry specialising in HIIT with Women.

Using various highly effective not to mention stimulating training methods to get them in the best shapes of their lives, so they can love the the reflection they see in the mirror, but to live life to the full and be completely in control of how they look and feel. 

You will also have access to all training plans and videos (past and present) so you can catch up with any workouts you miss.

You will have the tools to help you succeed.

Fitness, nutrition, advice, live coaching,  

accountability plus a community that will
guarantees results.


I know exactly how to help Women stay motivated and in stay in the game.

Reason why I have still have a client retention rate of 10+ years.

Training or working out is one thing, but the having the right support , motivation and most important of all accountability especially when you are having "one of those days" is even more important and the key when it comes to long term results.

This is why here you will have my support and a vibrant community to share that experience of fitness, determination and pure enjoyment of exercising, that is special and different to any other boring fitness program or training plan.

Plus will also have access to my slick daily burn accountability system and other fun challenges to help you achieve your goals and enjoy a better way of living.

I am making it practically impossible for you to fail and I will not let you either.


  • Still enjoy the finer things you like in life. Like Gin, Prosecco , that bar of Chocolate, without over doing it or feeling like you are on a diet.
  • Finally wear those tops with confidence (not black) and those skinny jeans once again.
  • Less joint and lower back pain resulting in a better quality sleep or taking on those stairs at the shopping center with ease.
  • Improved mobility and flexibility so you can dance those weekend nights away and never feel upstaged by your friends.
  • Less stress, better sleep and clearer thinking so you can be more productive, make better decisions and feel fully in control.
  • Have more energy and strength than the Duracell Bunny so you can keep up with your friends or family or take up any new physical challenge.
  • Clear healthy glowing skin with people asking "What's your secret?"
  • New levels of a powerful, sexy, glowing confidence making you more attractive and irresistible to the opposite sex with your new body and feel good aura.

Plus Many More!

Risk Free Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the professional results you get from this system after 30 days , every single penny will be refunded to you. No questions asked.


"From having my third child in 5 years I was having very low self esteem and completely lacking in confidence before I joined training with Matt.

However in just 8 months I lost a grand total of 42 lbs and 39 inches off my body and dropped from a size 14 to a size 8!

I feel fit, sexy and energised for the first time in years!

There is now nothing I feel I can not do. My life has completely changed for the better because of Matt Jupp. “

Kim Wilson

Mum Of 3

Your Stepping Stones To Enhancing 
Your L


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Knowing "Your WHY?" and making that positive decision to change is the first step to enhancing your life for the better and  long term.  

Get set to sweat and try us for just 30 days (risk free) with my standard workout club. 

You will have all the help you need.  

Then, if you would like stay you can carry on with your new exciting journey with the option to upgrade to my life enhancer plan any time which will help and support you with everything. 


Make Yourself Accountable
Do The Work

Who hasn't got time to fit in 20 minutes a day to better yourself on so many levels?

I get you are busy. That's why I am here to help make your day great with my quick AND effective unique workouts.

Scientifically designed to melt fat and get your fit rapidly in the shortest time possible.

They are are suitable for ANY fitness level and also involve bodyweight, moderate weight dumbbell and Kettlebell exercises.

Many simple but also which you never have seen before... 

This keeps things fresh, exciting , not to mention a motivating progressive level to unlock your fat loss and fitness potential you have never achieved before.  

This includes toning and building your muscles while strengthening your body at the same time.

Do not fancy working out?

I got you covered do not worry with my target and daily burn accountability system so you will feel motivated and get results no matter what mood you are feeling.


Get Results 

That's why you are came here right?

The only downside is you may need a new wardrobe full of new clothes and wish you invested in something so simple yet effective sooner. 

I will provide you all the tools and basic information you need to help you succeed.

Sign Up And Start Transforming Your Life & Body In Less Than 20 Minutes A Day.

And who hasn't got time for that? Don't hesitate! Click the button below, join our community and become the best version of yourself!

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