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   Men Women Who FeeL Like They've Been Dieting Their Whole Lives & Finally Need To Get Their Act Together 

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These Results Are NOT For Everyone


There are so many busy Men and Women out there living a life in a body they feel secretly insecure about...

Winging it each day. Putting on a front.  Feeling irritable. Lack of focus. Headaches galore combined with that brain fog affecting their work and productivity and snapping at everyone who comes near.


Have you tried every diet, fitness app and quick-fix going with little to no success?

The end result of feeling overwhelmed, fed up and lacking confident in your own skin?


Let's be honest month after month you set health and fitness goals only for them to never to happen?

You want to tone up and lose weight but at the moment you never seem to have the time.

You look back at the mirror in those hot baggy oversized clothes, feeling unhappy with regret and irritation...

Wondering how you let yourself go from constant snacking, drinking booze, convenience food, those late nights and putting others first all the time. 

Now you are lacking intimacy. Hiding. Actually ashamed.

That is not really you though. 

You are determined individual. 

You have had enough and want to get your power back.


Matt Jupp

Hi my name is Matt Jupp and I am the creator of MJ FIT the Mind Your Own Fitness Project.

The last 11 years I have been delivering the ultimate weight loss and fitness formulas in groups,  121 and around the World online.

Enhancing the lives of busy driven Men and Woman who are determined to get into shape and want to experience greater things in life with a better body and healthy mindset.

Giving them my full support with my honest , simple yet direct approach without the BS .

Being self employed and a working professional myself I know from past experience the stress and weight on your shoulders that you carry.

Feeling constantly exhausted, trying to wing and survive the day by drinking an endless amount of coffee or energy drinks.

Not making time for lunch, even a break.

Grabbing quick unhealthy meals on-the-go resulting in energy crashes throughout the day and bloating leaving you feeling still hungry and a little insecure.

Evenings you find it hard to relax or still working resulting in another night of crappy sleep where your eyes are shut but your brain will not switch off.

I can assure you that I have been there, done that and bought the wardrobe not t-shirt! 

I have experienced and conquered all the struggles and pains which I will reveal to you.

No regrets though! It has made me who I am today and so many lessons learned. 

The good news also for you is that I have got the key for you to unlock an amazing shortcut to a successful transformation that will kick-start and change your life!

I am not selling you a membership here I am here to solve your problem.

If you are committed driven Man or Women who has enough of playing games or putting others first this is your chance to get your mojo and power back by working with me.

No matter what life throwing at you.

It is time to make your fitness your business.

Why MJ FIT Uniquely Separates Itself From The Rest 


Depending on your needs you will have access to a training program and nutrition based on your time, kit, availability, preferences and surroundings.


This is from my 11 years experience in the health and fitness industry specialising in exercise and weight loss.

You will have the tools, information and guidance to help you succeed.

This will be in the simplest and most practical way.

No gimmicks. No BS.

A formula that will guarantee results.


I do not like to waste time.

And I am sure you don't want to either?

Knowledge is power but only if you implement it and take action.

That is why I am here to make sure you do what you promised yourself you would do.

Accountability is VERY powerful.

It is one of the main reasons why you still have not had sustainable results.

I will connect with you regularly checking in on your progress including nutrition plus your training. 

 Plus the occasional "tough love" or my famous "real talk" will come in handy also.

You will have unlimited support and will never feel alone.

I will help guide you through every step of your weight loss and fitness journey. 


  • Better performance at work with more focus that will sky rocket your productivity levels and respect.
  • Be more confident which could increase your chance of promotion, making new friends and feel generally awesome.
  • Still enjoy the finer things you like in life. Like Prosecco , Beer,  that bar of Chocolate, without over doing it or feeling like you are on a diet.
  • Build a fully fit and toned body so you can proudly wear those sleeveless tops, vest and those slim fit jeans once again.
  • Increased energy and strength so you can keep up with your kids, your partner and explore many exciting adventures and experiences. 
  • Make you look and feel irresistible to your partner enhancing your relationship and intimacy.
  • Drop up to 1-2 jean sizes. Result! 



100% Money Back Guarantee

If you do not lose any weight in 30 days every single penny will be refunded to you.




Knowing "Your WHY?" and making that positive decision to change is the first step to enhancing your life for the better and long term.  

Fill-out my clarity application form online answering some basic questions about your goals and needs to we can discuss the best ways to get the body of your dreams then fire you up to get health and fitness back on track! 



I get you are busy.

So I am going to make this easy as possible for you and let you get on with it.

I'll be in touch to make sure you are doing the work though with my check ins and chats.



That's why you are came here right?

The only downside is you may need a new wardrobe full of new clothes and wish you invested in this sooner. 

I will provide you all the tools and basic information you need to help you succeed.

You cannot fail this time.


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Becky Keating 

I'd become quite sedentary after a back injury, it had got better but I'd not got back into regular exercise. With lockdown starting in March I was quickly working long hours from home, meaning very few steps/exercise.

The combination of this and emotional eating led to weight gain, my body was showing warning signs such as puffy ankles and aches and pains.

II knew I needed to overhaul my lifestyle and Matt has made a huge difference.

I've dropped several dress sizes, I've improved my stamina and feel strong. I feel more positive in my mood, it's really so lovely having real, like minded people working through this together, we all have up and down days, but it feels so supportive.

I love the easy format with the workouts. As I train at home I do short sharp bursts of simple exercises that you can do anywhere and is achievable for everyone. I often do in my kitchen while dinner is cooking or when the kids have gone to bed.

I'd recommend to anyone who wants to improve their health and wellbeing this year! 

Key Worker 

Kim Wilson

"From having my third child in 5 years I was having very low self esteem and completely lacking in confidence before I joined training with Matt.

However in just 8 months I lost a grand total of 42 lbs and 39 inches off my body and dropped from a size 14 to a size 8! 

I feel fit, sexy and energised for the first time in years!

There is now nothing I feel I can not do. My life has completely changed for the better because of Matt Jupp. “


Natalie Hadler

" Before starting the program I wasn't sleeping well, I was inactive and excessively eating takeaways and drinking dangerous amounts of coffee. I have never felt so unwell mentally and physically.

In four weeks, I have identified my problems and triggers with food and with all the right information been able to create my own balanced diet to fit around my family not to mention losing 14lbs.

I have learnt about how to easily maintain a good healthy lifestyle.

This has been achievable because of Matt's simple yet effective lifestyle coaching including how to deal with any set backs.

With Matt's approach you cannot fail! This is a life changing process so that you can live and lead a better and healthier life.

This is not a weight loss club it's so much more. It takes every aspect of your life and makes it healthy.

Matt make an honest living by helping you build and maintain a healthy lifestyle which would seriously cost hundreds plus a non needed gym membership.

I'm really happy with my results and looking to stay long term. 

Don't hesitate to apply you won't regret it.." 


Jill Burton  

 "As a Physiotherapist I understand the importance of correct exercise, tailored to the individual. 

I really enjoy the sessions Matt offers, that keeps me motivated and excited to do them. There is a variety that is fun but more to the point targets different body areas in different sessions.

Thus I have been able to work those areas that can sag and age menopausal ladies. Matt incorporates exercises for shoulders, arms, back, tummy, core, hips, knees and ankles.

There are routines for strength, flexibility and cardiovascular activity with different timings to add further variety. All I have to do is follow them! 

The interactive engagement on line from other group members is phenomenal, accountability and encouragement are mega motivators.

Whenever an exercise feels too difficult or I am unsure if it is unsuitable for me Matt looks carefully and modifies when necessary, I never expected to get so much personal help and advice further adding to the incredible value for money.

I cannot thank Matt enough!"



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